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110mm Underground Drainage Pipes

(with Couplers, Bends, Junctions, Band Seal Adaptors andGullies) Standard 110mm underground drainage systems in uPVC for your everyday projects, available to buy in single or bulk quantities. All pipes and accessories supplied in brown and come with the appropriate manufacturer warranty.

160mm Underground Drainage Pipes

(with Couplers, Bends, Junctions, Band Seal Adaptors andGullies) Our 160mm underground drainage systems also comemanufactured in uPVC for projects with high temperature discharges. Strong, lightweight and durable, our 160mm product range complies with current BS-EN 1401 standards.

100mm and 150mm Perforated Land Drain

Perforated land drain supplied in 100mm or 150mm coils, suitable for dealing with standing water and waterlogging issues. We can supply these uPVC coils with a range of accessories including geotextile membranes to prolong the system lifespan.

50mm and 100mm Ducting with Draw Cord

Supplied in 25 metre rolls and draw cord to pull through electrical cables. Compliant with BS-EN 61386 standards or ENATS 12-24Class 3. This fl exible, lightweight product offers good strength and durability, and it meets current highway specification.

450mm and 600mm Inspection Chambers

Access points for underground networks manufactured in plastic. Available in diameters of 450mm and 600mm. This product complies with Part H of the current UK Building Regulations to assist with cleaning, repair and inspection work.

Recessed Manhole Covers

Available in lightweight, medium and heavy duty. Lay driveways, patios and hard surface with a metal tray to provide access into underground drainage systems without our recessed manhole covers impacting paving material aesthetics.

Twinwall Drainage Pipes and Couplers

Available in sizes starting at 150mm up to 600mm. This product has BBA approval and complies with BS-EN 50086. We can supply this product with bends, junctions, sealing rings, couplers and a full supporting range of fabrications.

Plasson Water Fittings

An extensive range of products for connecting PE pipe. Plasson is a leading global supplier of mechanical, pushfit and electrofusion fittings as well as valves and other system components. All products we provide comply with relevant BritishStandards.

The Importance of Quality Drainage Materials

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