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Our Premium Multi – Purpose Top soil is purchased from a local top soil manufacturer and is BS3882:2015 Registered with a pH of 7.9. Ideal for seeding, turfing, landscaping, planting and repairing uneven lawns.

Screened Soil*

We Recycle our screened soil, in house using 10mm slot screens, consisting of Soil excavated from local building projects, brought to us to be determine whether fit for purpose, then tipped in our registered waste recycling facility- Ideal for back fill, raising levels and some top dressing uses, client dependant. *Disclaimer – Although the upmost care has been taken to remove any stones, vegetation, debris and foreign objects found in excavated soil, a small quantity of the fore mentioned may be found due the nature of the recycled product, size of objects and diameter of the screen holes we use.

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