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Aggregate suppliers frequently provide materials for use in concrete. Aggregates are an important component of concrete mix, providing a rigid structure. They also minimise the amount of cement needed, which helps to reduce costs. Concrete requires both coarse and fine aggregates, but the proportions will differ depending on what the mix is going to be used for.


Different drainage applications are another common use of aggregates in Cranleigh. Specialist drainage aggregates are available which allow surface water to drain away. These are commonly used around driveways and paving. Builders merchants also supply aggregates for placement around pipes to provide a protective layer. As well as being aggregate suppliers, we sell and deliver a range of building supplies for all kinds of requirements. This includes drainage materials from leading brands such as Plasson as well as various other construction materials and tools.

Asphalt & Roadstone

Aggregates have a range of commercial applications, including: Roads, Pavements, Airport Runways, Car Parks, Footpaths and Playgrounds. Our lorries are perfect for transporting high quantities of aggregates for your large-scale project in Cranleigh or the neighbouring areas. As aggregate suppliers committed to fulfilling the needs of all customers, we also provide handy bulk bags for smaller projects, including domestic landscaping and building projects.