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Hobbyweld 5

If you’re engaging in MIG welding especially if you’re working with sheet or thin sections of mild steel or carbon steel up to 7mm thick, we have the perfect solution for you. This bottled gas is specifically tailored to your needs, making it an excellent choice, particularly for vehicle restoration projects. It’s designed for ease of use, providing fast travel speeds and minimal spatter, ultimately saving you valuable time on clean-up tasks.

Hobbyweld 15

If you are working with thicker sections of mild steel or carbon steel, ranging from 7mm to 15mm in thickness, this is an ideal option for you. This gas mix is well-suited for light trade applications, general fabrication, and repair work. Its universal gas blend offers impressive penetration and excellent weld quality, all while maintaining low fume levels and minimal spatter. It’s the right choice for achieving top-notch results in your welding projects.

Pure Argon

This gas is commonly used for TIG welding various metals, including aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals. It can also work for MIG welding aluminum with the right equipment. However, using it for both MIG and TIG welding may lead to quicker depletion of your gas cylinder. We offer competitive gas bottle refills as a trusted Hobbyweld gas supplier to keep you well-supplied for your welding needs.


Oxygen is a fundamental component often used alongside a fuel gas to facilitate various applications, including soldering, brazing, cutting, and welding (acetylene only). The use of oxygen enhances the combustion of a fuel gas, resulting in a higher flame temperature, which is crucial for many industrial processes.


Acetylene stands out as the most efficient and high-temperature fuel gas available, making it the preferred choice for a wide range of processes such as gas welding, heating, cutting, and brazing. Utilizing acetylene can significantly enhance cutting speed, reduce pre-heat times, and bring about substantial improvements in the quality of your work. It’s a valuable resource for achieving optimal results in various industrial applications.

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