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6kg Propane

A 6kg Calor Gas propane cylinder is well-suited for a variety of moderately frequent uses and can last up to 2 or 3 years. This cylinder size is recommended for barbecues equipped with 1-3 burners, typically consisting of two main burners and a smaller side burner. It provides ample gas supply for such setups.

13kg Propane

For individuals who enjoy caravan holidays, we suggest opting for the 13kg propane gas bottle. It strikes a balance between size and capacity, providing more than enough gas to power your appliances during your caravan adventures. This size is just right for a comfortable and convenient experience on the road.

18kg Propane

It’s interesting to note that 9 out of 10 forklifts utilize a similar size tank of liquid propane. For companies in Surrey with forklift trucks equipped with four-cylinder engines, each 18kg tank is expected to last between 8 to 10 hours. This provides a helpful reference for managing fuel needs in industrial settings.

19kg Propane

This versatile product finds application across a broad spectrum of uses. It’s an ideal choice for heating and cooking in touring and static caravans, catering trucks, and narrow boats. The 19kg cylinder proves useful for domestic cooking, as well as for commercial or industrial heating appliances. Additionally, it comes in handy for roofing projects, showcasing its adaptability across various settings and needs.

47kg Propane

As the largest Calor gas cylinder we stock, a 47kg propane bottled gas cylinder has perhaps the widest range of applications. However, our expert personnel recommend this option for domestic use, to satisfy both cooking and heating requirements.

7kg Butane

As the largest Calor gas cylinder in our inventory, the 47kg propane bottled gas cylinder offers a wide range of applications. However, our knowledgeable staff highly recommend this option primarily for domestic use, where it excels in meeting both cooking and heating needs effectively and efficiently.

15kg Butane

For powering portable heating systems in domestic and commercial properties around Godalming and Guildford, we recommend the 15kg butane Calor Gas bottle. Butane, as a gas, burns cleaner than propane, resulting in significantly lower carbon monoxide emissions. This characteristic makes it the safer and more environmentally friendly option for your heating needs.

5kg Patio Gas

While the 5kg bottled gas cylinder may be too small to fuel free-standing patio heaters, it’s the perfect choice for tabletop heaters. This makes it an ideal option for domestic gardens, pub gardens, and outdoor dining areas. For your gas bottle refills, you can count on GTH Construction Supplies to provide convenient and reliable service.

13kg Patio Gas

A 13kg patio gas cylinder is commonly used for various outdoor heating and cooking applications. It’s the go-to choice for powering free-standing patio heaters, outdoor cooking appliances like BBQs, and other equipment in settings like gardens, restaurants, and outdoor dining areas. Its ample capacity ensures extended usage, keeping outdoor spaces warm and facilitating convenient outdoor cooking.

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