Enhancing Drainage Installations for Construction Success in Milford

Choosing Drainage Materials

System Requirements

What is the purpose of the system? How many people will it serve? What appliances will be connected? It is important to assess the demands on the system to ensure you use the right size and type of pipework.


Underground drainage systems must have enough access points for inspections, maintenance and testing. When planning systems, you should factor in the placement of inspection chambers, manholes and other fittings, and the different construction materials/products required. Because we are a dedicated builders merchants, we stock all kinds of building supplies to fully meet your requirements.


To keep your site in Milford running smoothly, excavation requires careful planning. Part of this involves the removal of excess soil and other inert waste. Our grab trucks are the perfect way to remove uncontaminated soil in a speedy and cost-effective manner.

Connecting Pipes & Fittings

Drainage systems include a variety of different pipes and fittings. When planning systems, you will need to work out all the different elements you require. The kinds of drainage materials this includes are; Drain Couplers, Gullies, Standard & Rest Bends, Inspection Chambers

Building Regulations

There are a number of building regulations surrounding the design and installation of drainage systems in Cranleigh, Milford and the surrounding areas. Work must comply with Building Regulations Part H as well as Water Industry Specifications. Part of this is ensuring building supplies meet relevant British Standards. As a reputable builders merchants, GTH only supplies CE marked products from leading brands, such as Plasson.

Backfilling & Bedding Materials

Different pipes and systems have varying requirements when it comes to suitable construction materials for backfilling and bedding. As experienced aggregate suppliers, we offer a broad variety of materials and can recommend suitable options for your project.